Woman Who Has Slept With Over 100 People Shares Which Nationality Is The Worst In Bed

By maks in Real Life On 16th May 2024

Coco Bae, a popular adult content creator from Canada with a significant following of over 30,000 on Instagram, recently opened up about her numerous intimate experiences.

She boldly shared her unique goal of sleeping with a man from every nationality and didn't shy away from sharing her thoughts on the matter.

Instagram / @cocosinstaworld

To date, Coco's list includes men from a wide array of countries, and she's been keeping notes on who impresses and who doesn't quite measure up.

During an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the 37-year-old shared that her partners have come from various corners of the globe including America, India, Germany, and England.

She also mentioned a partner from Djibouti, noting that finding someone from there is quite rare nowadays.

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But the list doesn't end there. 

"I’ve had men from America, Canada, the UK, Israel, Australia, Haiti, El Salvador, Holland, Norway, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Belize, Djibouti, Nicaragua, Italy, Guatemala, Switzerland, and Argentina," she listed.

Instagram / @cocosinstaworld

And then added even more countries:

"Honduras, Costa Rica, Thailand, Russia, Columbia? I’m not sure. Albania, Brazil, India, Spain, Peru, Lebanon, Algeria, Croatia, Serbia, Armenia, Scotland, Ukraine, and New Zealand."

Coco also shared insights into which of her lovers were the most memorable. 

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"My lovers from Brazil were the most enjoyable to be with. They were just up for having fun, whichever way it happens," she said enthusiastically.

Interestingly, she observed that men from traditionally conservative cultures were often into the most adventurous activities. 

"For example, I have come across many Arab and Indian dudes who really like booty action in various forms," she disclosed.

On the other hand, she found her least exciting experiences were with men from Germany and the United Kingdom. 

Instagram / @cocosinstaworld

However, she noted a redeeming quality: "On the positive side, I found they are aiming to please, so they’re always asking for feedback. 

"'What do I want? What do I prefer? What would I like to do next?'"

When it came to stamina, Coco gave top marks to the Russians. 

Recalling a personal story, she mentioned: "He lived in my building, and it was my fault it ended.

"I had to tell him I didn’t want to keep at it for hours. I just don’t like it."

However, at the bottom of her list were the Australian men. 

Instagram / @cocosinstaworld

After her experiences with several Australians, she commented that they "need to step it up a little bit" in terms of their performance.

Undeterred by her mixed experiences, Coco is committed to continuing her X-rated journey until she has reached her goal of being with a man from every nationality. 

We wish her all the best in her daring quest.