Woman Who Has Tattoos On 95% Of Her Body, Shares There's One Spot She Considers 'Too Risky' For Ink

By Editorial Staff in Tattoos On 10th July 2024

Becky Holt, known for her extensive body art, might have tattoos covering about 95% of her body, but even she draws the line at certain types of tattoos.

While most people would balk at the idea of getting inked as extensively as Holt has, she views her body as a canvas, taking the art form to an extreme level.

Working as a model and adult content creator, Holt has more tattoos than most would even consider.

Tattooing can be an expensive hobby, as anyone who has ventured into a tattoo parlor knows. The costs can add up quickly, which might deter some.

Becky has estimated that since 15 she has spent £35,000. Instagram / becky_holt__

However, for others like Holt, the number of tattoos isn't a deterrent at all.

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She recently spoke about her love for tattoos on the British breakfast show This Morning, where she provided viewers with some insight into her tattoo journey. 

Holt's tattoo adventure began when she was just 15 years old, with a choice that she admits was not her best.

It was her then-boyfriend’s name, boldly inked across her crotch, Although that particular tattoo has since been removed.

Holt shared that since the age of 15, she has spent a substantial £35,000 (approximately $45,000) fueling her 'obsession' with tattoos.

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During her TV appearance, Holt also talked about her journey into getting tattoos in very intimate areas, including her labia, an experience she described as incredibly painful.

She elaborated, saying: "It is horrific, it is awful. It took three sessions. The first one was an hour and a half which was just the line work,

"And then a couple of weeks later I had the color on one side, and then a few weeks later I had the color on the other side. 

"It was horrific, it's like ripping, burning, not nice at all. Horrible."

Holt would never get a sclera tattoo. Instagram / becky_holt__

Despite the extreme nature of her body art, there are still some areas Holt considers off-limits. 

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She explicitly mentioned one place she would never get tattooed—the sclera, or the white part of the eye, citing it as 'too dangerous'.

She feels satisfied with how her face currently looks and prefers not to alter it with such a risky procedure.

For those unfamiliar, a 'sclera tattoo' involves inking the white part of the human eye. 

This type of tattoo is as permanent as any other but comes with unique potential complications not typically associated with more traditional tattoos.

Such risks include the possibility of permanent vision loss and persistent inflammation of the eye wall, along with blurred vision and various other health issues. 

These significant risks make the sclera tattoo a particularly controversial choice in the tattoo community.

Considering these risks, Holt's decision to steer clear of sclera tattoos seems wise. 

Even among the most daring tattoo enthusiasts, it's important to recognize the boundaries of safety and personal well-being.