Woman Who Sold Her Farts Now Makes $5k Per Day Selling Boob Sweat

By Aleena in Life Style Published On 31st May 2022

It turns out that there is another money-making aspect in this saga, with the diva gaining a second wind with another source of cash via her body excretions.

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Stephanie Matto, actress of "90 Day Fiancé," has created another bizarre side company after making a fortune selling jars of her farts. She is now selling bottles of her boob sweat.


The 31-year-old, who had to halt the sale of her flatulence due to a heart attack scare in January, came up with the new venture just in time for summer, and it's already proving extremely profitable.

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Steph Matto from Connecticut, US, had to declare her early retirement after being hospitalized due to the diet she'd been following while making money from her gassy goods last year.

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The self-proclaimed 'fartrepreneur' chose a high-fiber diet of beans and eggs, which didn't sit well with her stomach and resulted in chest pains caused by excess gas.

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It had to have been a disappointment for the 31-year-old former reality star, who was earning up to $1,000 (£740) every fart jar.


But, before you feel sorry for Steph, she's fully recovered and is now selling her boob sweat instead.

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Steph, who previously appeared on 90 Day Fiancé, claims it takes her only 15 minutes to put together a jar for her fans, despite spending up to four hours a day relaxing by her backyard pool to achieve the appropriate perspiration levels.

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If the sun shines, she claims to be able to fill ten bottles of sweat jars in a single day, which she then sells for $500 each.

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"I love sitting by the pool but it's also hard work, don't be fooled," Steph told Jam Press.

"I also have a great set [of breasts]. And smelling the sweat, licking the sweat, would bring fans as close as they can get to them.

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"Sometimes it can vary how long it takes [to fill up a jar] as it depends on several scientific factors, mainly the heat, movement and how hydrated I am.


"I try to drink a lot of water and sit as much in direct sunlight as I can.

"I like to call myself the human maple tree and the boob sweat my sap – I sit there and collect my sap the same way a maple tree does."

Once again, her unusual business enterprise comes with risks, and spending too much time in the sun is not good for one's health.

But Steph says she's taking precautions to protect herself, adding: "I'm also trying to practice this craft as safely as possible with a proper SPF moisturiser, however after this past week I have learned that a simple SPF 30 won't be cutting it, since I did burn my chest quite badly.

"With boob sweat I want to do things right. I want to be smart, start off slow and have sustainable growth that doesn't overwhelm my body."

The influencer announced her new product on Instagram last week, and let's just say the online community had some thoughts.

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"Get that money but also try a sauna so you don't croak from heat stroke," wrote one, while another quipped: "The Elon Musk of body byproducts."

A third joked: "I am surprised this girl is not selling organs."

Well, as long as she sticks to her safety pledge and keeps lathering on that sunscreen, there's no reason why she can't turn her boob sweat into a lucrative business – it's certainly a step up from fart jars.