Woman Who Was Catfished By A Balding Dude Finds And Starts Dating The Model He Pretended To Be

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Feel Good On 23rd January 2018

The internet has changed dating forever. It used to just be used by people who were desperate to get laid in real life. Nowadays, everyone seems to be using online dating. The internet is where one-in-five couples have met. However, just like anything else you see on the internet, things are not always as they appear. That is something that this woman had to learn the hard way.


What is "catfish"?

The term "catfish" refers to a person who pretends to be someone that they are not while online. It can happen on any social network and is one of the biggest dangers of online dating.

One young woman has opened out about how a 55-year-old man catfished her by pretending to be a model on a dating website. However, after she learned the truth, she ended up falling in love with the model that her catfish pretended to be.

35-year-old Emma Perrier from Richmond, London joined Zoosk, an online dating website, in 2015 after a bad break-up. She works as a manager at a restaurant and because of her crazy work hours, she decided to try to find love online.



Not long after joining Zoosk, Emma met a handsome model going by the name of Ronaldo 'Ronnie' Scicluna. Despite her instant attraction to the young model, Ronnie always had some excuse as to why they could not meet in real life. He claimed that he spent most of his free time at his parent's villa in France.


I Love You

Emma had no idea that she was really talking to a balding 55-year-old divorcee who stole the model's photographs online. The pair had exchanged intimate messages and had even talked on the phone before the truth was revealed. They had even told each other "I love you" without ever meeting in person.

"I love telling people how the two of us met. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it," Emma said of her boyfriend whose real name is Adam. "That fraudster did us a massive favor."


Because Ronnie always had an excuse as to why the pair could not meet up in real life, Emma suggested that they Facetime. He refused by saying that Facetime is for teenagers.

"It sounds crazy, I know, but I actually thought I did love him," she said. "He sent me 300 photographs and we spoke several times a day, messaging one another between times."



"He knew everything that was going on in my life, all my innermost thoughts and feelings. He seemed so loving and caring that I felt confident about sharing those things with him."

"He was also very complimentary about me, obviously doing everything in his power to make me fall for him. And it worked – I really did."

Emma's work hours made it so she has very little time for a social life, so she rarely got a chance to see her friends or to tell them about the handsome stranger she met online. The only person who knew about Ronnie was her twin sister Gaelle, who lives in France.


Emma was isolated by her job which made her ideal prey for a catfish like "Ronnie" who turned out to be Alan Stanley, a divorced father of one from Stratford-upon-Avon.

As he charmed her, Stanley would offer Emma suggestions about how she could improve her life. When she confessed that she had a three-hour commute to work, he told her that she would be better off finding a job closer to home, to which she did.

After starting her new job as a manager of an Italian restaurant, Emma's new coworkers were not happy that she never actually met her boyfriend and did not want to see her get her heart broken. They started suggesting that something was wrong.

"Maybe he’s not who he says he is," a coworker suggested to her. "He could be an old man. Or he could be a psycho."

Family gets involved

Despite all of the warnings, Emma refused to even think that Ronnie was anything but the man of her dreams. By the Spring of 2016, she was six months into their relationship, and her family knew about him. Since the pair had still not met, even her family thought that something was not right and begged her to stop talking to Ronnie.


"I didn’t want to listen to them or believe for one moment that this lovely man I’d fallen for wasn’t who he said he was," Emma revealed. "But by then I was getting very frustrated by his endless excuses as to why we couldn’t meet and had enough niggling doubts to do some digging."

The truth

Emma was determined to find the truth. She downloaded an app that allowed her to do reverse image searches. This is when the truth finally came to light. She had been catfished for an entire year. The man who she knew as Ronnie was actually Adam Guzel, a model and actor from Turkey.

Adam Guzel

Emma was horrified at what she had learned. So, she kept researching Adam Guzel and eventually found his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

"Seeing images of this man I thought I was in love with, leading a life I knew nothing about in a different country, was so shocking I felt winded," Emma said.

"As I tried to figure out who the hell this man was that I’d been speaking to all these months, it sounds like a cliché but the blood ran cold through my body and I began to cry."

The lies get bigger

After Emma discovered Adam, she messaged Ronnie hoping that the whole thing was just some huge mix-up. Ronnie had the audacity to play along with the lie saying that he was also Adam and the photographs were from when he had a career as a model in his younger years.

Emma still did not want to face the truth that was sitting right in front of her, so she demanded that Ronnie Facetime her so she could see who he really was. He refused to do so, but it was not enough for Emma to cut ties with him.


Then, in August 2016, Ronnie sent her a photo of a fish. This is how she ended up discovering who he really was. She used the reverse image search app to trace the photo to a TripAdvisor review written by a man named Alan Stanley. It did not take her long to find his Twitter account, which revealed he was a balding man in his 50s and not the good-looking man she thought she had fallen for.

"As all the pieces slotted into place, it was devastating," Emma revealed. "Facing up to the fact that someone who had said he loved me had gone to such lengths to hurt and humiliate me was almost impossible to bear."

The confrontation

the next time that "Ronnie" called Emma, she confronted him about his lies and asked if his real name was Alan. Even though he was caught, he refused to admit that the jig was up and told her no, but Emma cried back "But it is, it is, it is." The 55-year-old turned around and accused Emma of having trust issues to which she replied, "Don’t talk to me about trust, Alan Stanley!"

The jig is up

Later that day, Alan finally admitted the truth. He called the whole thing a "big error of judgment – the worst and biggest mistake of my life" and followed up with a photograph of who he really is - not pictured here.

The Hurt

"I called my sister and wept down the phone to her for an hour,” Emma said. “Of course, I’d known, deep down, by then that ‘Ronnie’ didn’t exist, but having full confirmation meant I couldn’t even kid myself anymore."

"I felt so hurt and so foolish for falling for such a deception."

Contacting Adam

In order to keep anyone else from being fooled, Emma sent a message to Adam on Facebook to let him know that someone was using his pictures to catfish women on dating websites, and this is where this modern day love story takes a turn for the better.

It was no surprise that Adam's pictures had been used to catfish women as it has happened in the past. When Adam learned that someone outside of Turkey had been catfished, he decided to reply to her message because he was so angry that she had been fooled to such an extent.

Emma asked him to Facetime call her, and when she saw the face of the man she thought she fell in love with, she burst into tears. "You’re so real," she recalls saying. "You actually exist."

Quick Friends

The pair began talking about Adam's deception, but it was not long before sparks began to fly between the pair. Emma and Adam had gotten close and even agreed to meet up in London. It was an emotional moment for Emma since she was going to meet the person she thought she had spent the last year talking to.

The meet-up

The pair met up at Heathrow Airport. "It’s impossible to describe my feelings seeing this beautiful man, who I’d never met but had such deep affection for, smiling and waving at me," Emma said about the meeting.

"We hugged and then, as we were waiting for a taxi, Adam turned and kissed me and it felt amazing, like coming home."

In order to not rush the relationship after everything Emma had been through, Adam slept on her sofa at first, but he eventually graduated to sleeping in her bed.

"I almost slipped up a couple of times in the beginning and called him Ronnie, but now he’s just Adam to me," Emma said.

"He’s so kind, loving and gentle – everyone who meets him is smitten. It’s hard to believe that such a terrible experience could have led me to something, and someone, so wonderful."


Adam and Emma are not married. Because he is not a British citizen, he has to return to Istanbul to renew his tourist visa. With that exception, the pair has been inseparable for nine months. They love to go to the movies, walking, and cooking together.

Meet the family

Emma still works as a manager in that Italian restaurant. While she works, Adam is writing a screenplay. Soon, Adam will be taking Emma to Turkey to meet his family despite being as delighted as he is disgusted at the situation that brought them together.


"I was aware that my photos had been used by men creating fake dating profiles back in Turkey, which my agent had closed down, but I couldn’t believe it when Emma got in touch to say someone had done the same in England," Adam said.

"It felt a bit sinister, which made me angry towards this man. At first, I thought, ‘Why me?’. But now, knowing that is what led to me meeting and falling in love with Emma, I think, ‘Thank God it was my images he chose.'"

Even though Emma's relationship with Ronnie was not the most sensible, she has definitely learned from her mistake. Emma and Adam do not have plans on getting married. They are just focused on enjoying each other's company for now.

"We’re not making plans at the moment, but we wouldn’t marry just to enable one of us to live in the other’s country," Emma said. "For now, we’re just enjoying our time together, but I’m sure this is just the beginning of our story."

What happened to Stanley?

So, what happened to Stanley? The 55-year-old was approached by several journalists after the news of Emma and Adam's relationship broke. He admitted that he used Adam's pictures because he thought no woman would be interested in him.

Low point

"I was going through a low point in my life and wanted someone to talk to," Stanley said. "I know what I did was wrong, but the more she involved me the harder it was to come clean."

Stanley's thoughts about Adam and Emma

When asked about her relationship with Adam, which he inadvertently started, he said, "I think it’s brilliant that Emma and Adam have met; it’s almost like fate."

Since Emma finally got her happy ending, her feelings towards Stanley are mixed. She resents him for catfishing her, but she is happy that his actions brought her and Adam together.

"I’m a great believer in destiny," Emma said. "So a little part of me is grateful to Alan, because, if he hadn’t put me through what he did I’d never have met Adam, who I really believe is the love of my life."