Woman Who's Allergic To Semen Admits Things Get Extremely Tricky In The Bedroom

By maks in Health and Fitness On 4th March 2024

That's the reality for Allison Tennyson, who has an allergy that could be considered one of the most significant obstacles a couple might face.

For Allison, getting close to her partner is not just difficult—it can result in intense discomfort and tears.

At 34 years old, Allison from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has bravely shared her unique struggle.

She is allergic to semen, making sexual intimacy with her partner not only challenging but physically painful.

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According to Allison, engaging in sexual activities can lead to a severe burning sensation, making the act of love a source of anguish rather than pleasure.

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This unusual condition also casts a shadow over her hopes for motherhood. 

Allison fears that her allergy might prevent her from realizing her dream of becoming a mother.


"It hurts. My partner doesn't want it. It's not appealing to be hurting your partner during sex! We're not intimate enough because of the allergies."

"I don't want to burn, and he doesn't want to make me cry - so it's really hard! It's a struggle…"

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"It's hard to be intimate because it's not comfortable and I can't even use condoms." 

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Allison explained highlighting the emotional and physical toll her condition takes on both her and her partner's desire for closeness.

Allison's health complications don't end with her semen allergy. 

She has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare condition affecting connective tissues crucial for the functionality of organs, bones, skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels.

Additionally, she battles a blood clotting disorder, compounding her health challenges.

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Despite being tested for various allergens, only a few, such as nickel and penicillin, showed positive results before the discovery of her semen allergy.


This allergy to semen, a condition impacting a minute fraction of the population, means exposure to sperm proteins can cause intense discomfort.

This reality has been part of Allison's life for over a decade, influencing her thoughts on pregnancy and motherhood profoundly.

"It's really upsetting… I've cried about it quite a bit to be honest. It makes me upset as I didn't even know that it [semen allergy] was a thing that could happen because I'd never heard about it before."

"I always want to have sex so we do it, but only in the early stages. Not experiencing the semen is just not the same and so limiting."

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"I don't know how I can even have a baby. I don't even know how that would work - like would my body just reject semen completely?"

"I have a blood clotting disorder as well, so pregnancy is really risky for me."

"My partner and I have done our due diligence with my doctor to make sure I would survive pregnancy and all that," she shares, revealing the depth of her concerns and the complexity of her situation.


Allison and her boyfriend are in a continuous conversation about the possibility of parenthood, oscillating between their desires and the harsh realities posed by her health.

The thought of not having the option to have children is "heartbreaking" to Allison.

"At least If I had the choice, it would make me feel better," she states, expressing a desire for agency in her journey towards potential motherhood.

Now at 34, Allison is aware of time but remains hopeful about the future, despite the hurdles she faces.