Woman Who's Married Her Own Son Says Police Are Threatening To Take Her Other Kids

By Aleena in News Published On 1st November 2023
Credit: Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim/CEN

In Kazan, Russia, a 53-year-old musician named Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim is causing a real ruckus.

Why tho? She actually married her 22-year-old adopted son, Daniel Chizhevsky.

Mingalim is sure that her relationship is legit and consensual, and she's not holding back when she talks to the local press about it.


"Our relationship is perfect. We can't live without each other. We are on the same wavelength," she said.

The authorities are freaking out about this weird union, and they've even snatched her five other adopted kids.

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Mingalim's family now has seven kids, including her new hubby.

She's adopted four little girls and one other boy, plus she has a biological son from a previous marriage.

The couple sealed their awesome bond last week on October 20th in an incredible ceremony at a local restaurant in Kazan.

Mingalim explained that the union was legit but more spiritual rather than physical. Credit: Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim/CEN

Even though they wanted to start their marriage on a good note, they've been getting a lot of hate, with some people calling them a 'total embarrassment' to the country.

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When asked if their relationship is confirmed, the Russian lady explained that it's legit, but it's more about a deep connection on a spiritual level rather than just physical stuff. Unfortunately, lots of haters just don't get it.

"When difficult times came, I was simply afraid for Daniel," Mingalim said, going into more detail of the nature of the relationship.

"He was created for music, not for war, but at the same time, he is at the age when young men should take up arms. I began to think about how to protect him.

"I consulted with some acquaintances and they suggested this move to me – to marry him. In an informal conversation, of course."

Mingalim has a total of seven children, including her new husband. Credit: Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim/CEN

In Russia, with all the stuff going on with Ukraine, young men have to do military conscription once they hit 18.

Mingalim and Chizhevsky's remarkable journey started when he was just 13 years old.

They bumped into each other when Mingalim started teaching music in some local orphanages in Kazan.

They loved music so much that they became besties and started making it together.

They rocked the stage with their fantastic duet and wowed the crowd at different gigs.

Their story got crazy when Chizhevsky got adopted at 14, and from then on, they started living together, going on a wild journey that's gotten a lot of attention and judgment.


So, the local media spilled the beans that Mingalim got all interested in adopting kids after working on this film with Tatarstan TV.

She came across some orphans, and it got to her.

Considering all the hate she's been getting, Mingalim might leave her place in Tatarstan.

She hopes that by moving to Moscow, she, her new hubby, and her five adopted kiddos can find a chill place to live freely and be understood.