Woman Whose Car Keeps Getting Stolen Leaves 'Hilarious' Note For Thief In Glovebox

By maks in Funny On 12th February 2024

Picture this: you wake up, and your car's gone - and it's not the first time.

For a woman in Portland, Oregon, this scenario was all too familiar.


But instead of wallowing in despair, she hatched an ingenious plan that not only tickled the funny bone of the internet but also addressed her recurring problem in a unique way.

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Meet "mfiasco," the proud yet beleaguered owner of a 1995 Honda Civic.

Her car seemed to attract thieves like a magnet, making its frequent disappearances more of an inconvenience than a shock.

She described her situation with a sense of humor to Tech Insider, noting her first rule was to never leave anything of value in the car.

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She humorously added, "...as long as it isn't impounded, I just shake my fist at the sky and then go about my day."


Clearly, she had come to terms with her car's irresistible allure to the criminal element.

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But accepting the problem didn’t mean she was ready to roll over and play victim.

Since locking her car proved ineffective against theft, she brainstormed a more creative approach to avoid the costly impound fees.

Her solution? A clever note was left in the glovebox for any potential car thieves.

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But this was no ordinary note begging thieves to spare her car; it was a witty guide on how to treat her vehicle should they decide to take it.

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The note read: "Hello! If you’re reading this, you are probably stealing my car."

"I'm a nice person and likely would have given you a ride, but obviously we're past that."

"I would love to afford a car that doesn't get stolen and burglarized all the time, but I'm broke and this is what I'm stuck with."

"So, you got me. Again. You're not going to get into trouble for stealing my car."

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"As long as you don't mess around and kill a pedestrian, you'll just leave this somewhere and go about your business. Nobody investigates this tomfoolery."

But she didn't stop there.

She didn't stop there; the note also included a special request - a mix of plea and practical advice.

"One quick favor: please do not leave my car somewhere it will get towed."

Credit: Reddit

"If I have to deal with one more impound lot holding my stolen crappy Honda for ransom, I am going to lose my mind."

"And my car, because I can't afford to keep bailing it out of car jail."

"If I had any money I would just go buy a dang car that wasn't constantly getting stolen in the first place."


The note concluded with a win-win proposition for both parties: "Please just leave my old piece of crap car in a neighborhood or something."

"There’s a note in this envelope; just stick it on the dash or under the wiper."

"A passerby will see it eventually and call me and then I can come get my car."

"No cops, no questions asked; I’m not even mad at you."

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"It’s win-win: I don’t have to deal with police reports, insurance claims, and tow trucks, and you don’t have to feel like a jerk for ruining the month of a nice person.”


So, did this audacious approach work? According to mfiasco, it absolutely did!

She later updated the online community:

"I left a snarky note in the glovebox of my Honda the last time it was stolen."

"Just recovered the car from the most recent theft."

"They read my letter and I think it worked; they ditched it in front of a house this time (YAY)."

It turns out, that a little creativity - and a dash of humor - can sometimes be the best defense.

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