Woman With Huge Eyebrows, Anzhelika Protodyakonova, Looks Unrecognizable As She Posts Glam Snap Without Them

By maks in Life Style On 6th February 2024

A fashion blogger who became an internet sensation thanks to her oversized eyebrows reveals a dramatically different look without them.

Anzhelika Protodyakonova, a native of Russia, first gained attention in 2018 when she started adorning her forehead with notably large brows.

Now 25, Anzhelika has recently swapped her usual makeup style for a more sophisticated and glamorous look.

Anzhelika Protodyakonova went viral due to her big brows Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova
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On her Instagram, Anzhelika showcased her natural eyebrows in a mirror selfie, moving away from her well-known look.

Instead of emphasizing her brows, she opted for bright red lipstick and voluminous eyelashes to make a statement.

Her fashion choice was just as stylish - donning an all-black ensemble accented with a chic Gucci belt and a burst of color on her nails to brighten the outfit.

Anzhelika meticulously draws on her XL arches using bold makeup Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova
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Her fans were thoroughly impressed by Anzhelika's transformation, leading to an outpouring of admiration and some even extending date invitations.

One admirer flirtatiously asked: "Beautiful, can I have your number?"

Another follower praised her, saying: "Bright makeup suits you very well."

A third chimed in with a compliment: "What a beauty you are."


And yet another added to the chorus of praise: "You look well groomed, beautiful girl!"

Thanks to her unique look, the blogger has attracted over 107,000 followers on Instagram.

Fans can't get enough of Anzhelika's glamorous makeup look. Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova
Some think her drawn-own eyebrows look like something out of Angry Birds Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova

Reflecting on her rise to fame, Anzhelika previously shared in her bio: "I'm Anzhelika. I've become a star thanks to my eyebrows."

Her distinctive brows have not only made her a social media sensation but have also caught the eye of companies who now pay her to promote their products, although not all feedback she's received has been positive.

Anzhelika has found fame and fortune from her brows – so we don't think trolls bother her much Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova

Throughout her journey, Anzhelika has been likened to an "Angry Bird" because of the striking size of her eyebrows.

Nonetheless, such comparisons seem to have little impact on her confidence and spirit.