Woman With Rare Condition Fears She Will Never Get Married

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Heartbreaking On 1st March 2018

A 28-year-old Indian woman whose height is just 2ft 8in tall fears she will never get married.

Rare Condition

Santosh, 28, from Madhya Pradesh, India, is just 2ft 8in tall. That's 33 inches. A rare condition of dwarfism causes the bones to grow abnormally, resulting in a small stature her height is smaller than average four-year-old children.


known for stitching dresses

Santosh performs every task on her own, she is also known for stitching dresses.

She misses companion

Santosh fears she will never find a life partner because she is too short and no one wants to marry her. She said,"Most of the women in the village who are of my age are either married or about to get married but I know I can ever feel that happiness."


Never faced criticism

Santosh said: Everyone loves me in the village. I don’t have to face criticism. There were children who would at times mock at me or call me by names when I was young. But now everyone talks to me politely and respects me for my being.

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