Woman Worried Her Boyfriend Is ‘Factory Made’ After Spotting Weird Detail Inside His Eye

By Harsh Rana in Weird On 8th July 2024

When you decide to be in a relationship with someone, you naturally expect to know everything about them.

It’s a fundamental part of building trust and understanding.

But what if one day you noticed something so peculiar that it made you question if they might be a clone?

It sounds wild and almost impossible, but one woman actually found herself in this strange situation when she noticed a tiny detail in her boyfriend's eye.

Discovering that your partner has a secret family might be the worst thing you can imagine.

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A worried user took to Reddit’s /weird subreddit to share a picture of her boyfriend’s eye. Nobody could believe what they were about to see.

Eye colors can vary dramatically from person to person, and even within the same color group, the shades can be quite different.

The woman was left worried after spotting the number six in her boyfriend's eye noobymemer/Reddit

The patterns in your iris, which is the colored part around the pupil, are also unique.

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Some people have cloudy patterns, icy shards, or straight lines, but numbers? That’s a different story.

The Redditor posted the image online and circled a distinct number inside his iris: the number six.

Now, I’m no scientist, but how do irises form numbers so clearly?

She wrote, “My Bf’s left eye has a six in it.”

She wasn’t the only one to notice. Soon, a flood of people commented with wild theories.

Some suggested he was made in a factory or was some sort of 'updated' humanoid.

One person wrote, “Model serial number,” while another added, “That's not your bf; that is the 6th clone replacement.”

Someone else commented, “I f*cking hate it when they say they are the original and you find out they are really a 6th edition. Men are such f*cking liars.”

Despite the panic, some people noticed other numbers too.

They saw the number three and a sideways number five in the top left corner of his eye. So, what does this weird feature mean? Nothing.

According to Ancestry.com, your pupils and irises are entirely genetic, which means he wasn’t created in some factory.

Your pupils and iris’ are entirely genetic Getty Stock Image

The website states, "Genes seem to play the only role in how your pupil and iris look.

"This makes them a phenotype, a visible DNA trait. More specifically, your genetics determine what type of iris patterns you have.

"About 2,000 genes are involved in the development of your iris, and around 50 affect your iris patterns."

That’s a lot of genes to create such a specific pattern.

In another Reddit post, someone asked about the shapes in irises, and a commenter provided a great explanation:

"The little 'tunnels' are called crypts of Fuchs and the innermost part of the iris is called the collarette. The patterns are unique to each person! 

"The color of your eye is determined by the amount of melanin within the melanocytes in your iris.

"More melanin = darker eyes! Source: am an optometry student."

So, there you have it. He’s not a robot or anything, just a human.