Women Bikini Wax Their Boyfriends And It Doesn't End Well

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 12th October 2015

#1. The folks at BuzzFeed managed to get some masochistic men to be on the receiving end of a bikini-wax from their girlfriends.

That red face right there? Yeah, that's the face of regret.

#2.But by the end of it, the dudes had a newfound respect for their girlfriends and the paces they put themselves through to be hair-free.

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#3.This is Corey and Becky. They've been together for 3 years and Corey really likes it when she's waxed. So Becky wants him to experience first-hand all the sh*t she goes through to keep him happy.

#4.And Corey foolishly admitted to wanting to know what it felt like too.

It feels like tearing hair from your balls, Corey.

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#5.The girls weren't flying blind, however. They had some help from a professional esthetician who prepped the functions.

#6.Jenny also thought that her boyfriend, Trevor, should know the horror that is bikini-waxing.

#7.Trevor wasn't really concerned with how much better he would look in a speedo, he was just looking for a better glide.

He's the Prefontaine of butt wiping.

#8.And the women went to work!

#9.Despite the ungodly horrors going on down there, the boyfriends did their best to stay in good spirits.

#10.They were definitely feeling the pain.

#11.Trevor was at least trying to look on the bright side.