Women Converts A Van Into A Home To Avoid Paying Expensive Property Rent

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Amazing On 27th January 2018

A 31-year-old woman has turned her back on expensive property rent by living full time in a van.

The photographic producer from Columbus, Ohio, has lived in her compact four-wheel home since May 2017.

Her 13ft 2in long, 5ft 8in wide and 6ft 2in high Freightliner Sprinter High Top van boasts storage compartments, a desk, and a camping stove.


Eileah prefers to park her van close enough to her workplace.

She never needs to worry about the morning commute and showers at her local gym.

Eileah said:

"I don't need a house. I don't need something that big, I don't need something that eats up most of my monthly income. I'm not saying that living in a house is bad - a family of six needs more than a van - but that's the motivation for me."


Before getting her van in May this year, she lived in her car for a year.

It sounds pretty tough, but Ohning managed to clear her student debt that year in the process.

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