Women Embrace Facial Hair To Prove Beards Aren’t Just Men’s Affairs

Posted by Sama in Feel Good

Body hair has always been regarded as a male trait. Beauty standards for females have been decided differently and generations by generations these standards and rules are followed religiously by people. This societal dictate that women must be smooth, hairless, and delicate has been narrated by generations now. But some women are now set to challenge this mindset of female beauty with their body hairs specifically their beards. 

Female body hair, however, is much more common than society and the media leads us to believe. In fact, approximately forty percent of all women grow facial hair. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding female facial hair is damaging. 

One survey reveals of one thousand women, thirty percent of women with unwanted facial hair suffer from clinical depression. 25 percent of them believe it has held them back from a promotion, and more than forty percent of them say it has affected their ability to form relationships.

Women now want to take back their power and defy these superficial beauty standards by rejecting traditional female beauty standards and embracing the hair that grows naturally on their bodies.

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