Women On Twitter Were Prompted To Ask The Guy That They Like On A Date And Screenshot The Responses

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 29th June 2018

The women of Twitter were prompted to take the plunge and ask that guy they have been crushing on out for a date. They were supposed to ask them in a text so that they could screenshot the responses that they received. While we are sure there were plenty of happy endings for many women who took part in this, there were also a lot of tragic and some downright savage responses.

Moving Fast

The guy that this lady is into at least knows that he is into her as well. He is ready to take this thing to a whole new level. He just passed Go and wants to collect his $200.


No Thank You

It looks like Isaac is going to pass up this opportunity for a date. At least he was not rude about it. We are not quite sure what the gal is saying with her image comment though. Any ideas?


This poor girl was obviously barking up the wrong tree. However, that did not mean that this guy had to be so damn savage with his response. He knows he was wrong for that picture comment...funny, but wrong.


Are You Serious?

It looks like this guy was shocked that this chick just asked him out. It is too bad that he could not be a gentleman about it and let her down nicely. Not only was he rude, but he also blocked her from ever messaging him again.

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