Women Tweet Their Abortion Stories Using #ShoutYourAbortion Hashtag To Defend Their Right To Choose

By Editorial Staff in News On 27th September 2015

#1 These two writers started the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag

#2 Amelia Bonow Expresses Her Opinion On Her Abortion Experiences

She is striking out against those opposed to Planned Parenthood and it's defunding. Lindy West expresses her thoughts as well. along with Kim Morrison. Together they have created the movement on social media #ShoutYourAbortion. They are defending a women's right to choose, and seem to be gaining support.

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#5 Here’s how others responded:

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#6 So Many Stories of Unwanted Pregnancies

#7 More Comments followed

#9 Many Men Are Also Involved in the Movement


#11 Comments Continue To Flow For The Twitter Hashtag

#12 The Honest Truth Is Coming Out On Why Women Had Abortions


#14 The Hashtag Is Bringing Awareness To Many Who Had No Idea About The Subject