Wonders Of The World: 8 Amazing Facts About Lions

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 27th March 2018

#6 The tale of the tail.

Lions use their tails to send messages and signal warnings or instructions to members of their pride. They are much more sophisticated than most people realize.


#7 Their amazing claws.

Lions have very powerful sharp claws on their paws. These claws are made even more useful by the fact that they are retractable. Since their claws can retract they don't run the risk of injury while they are playing as cats often do.

#8 The meaning of all that roughhousing.

Lions leave scent marks on other lions by rubbing against them just like most other cats. Lionesses and Lions also greet one another with rough play. It might look like they are aggressively fighting with each other but they are actually just saying hello.

Now check out this wonderful video of a family of lions together.

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