Wonders Of The World: Elephants, 10 Facts About These Amazing Animals That You May Not Know.

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 20th March 2018

Elephants are amazing animals. These gigantic herbivores tend to herd together and form large pacts to help one another survive their harsh environment. They are very intelligent and much more sophisticated than you may realize. You might think that you all there is to know about the elephant but I'm sure that at least a few of these 10 facts will surprise you. Keep reading to learn more.

#1 They have a sophisticated method of communication.

Elephants tend to travel in large herds. Because of their size, there is a massive amount of distance between the elephants at the front of the pack and those in the back. You might think that their trumpet sound is how they communicate but you are wrong. Elephants actually communicate by stomping the ground which sends ripples through the earth that the other elephants in the herd receive through their super-sensitive nerves located in their feet. The rumbles are so strong that they move faster than sound waves do through the air.


#2 What about their diet?

Elephants are herbivores but they absolutely hate peanuts! This is something that the media has made everyone believe that couldn't be more wrong. They actually can't stand the bland earthy taste of peanuts so remember that next time you visit the zoo and try to throw them peanuts.

#3 Don't be fooled by their rough exterior.

While the skin of an elephant may appear to be very tough and able to withstand the elements, elephants are actually very susceptible to sunburn. In order to avoid getting sunburned elephants will cover themselves with sand, using their trunks to scoop and toss it onto their legs and back. This not only protects them from the sun but annoying insects as well.


#4 Boy do they eat a lot.

Elephants need to eat up to 400lbs of food each day in order to remain healthy and survive. They also have to drink about 40 gallons of water every day. They are huge animals after all.

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