Wonders of The World: Tigers, 10 Great Facts About Them

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 23rd March 2018

The next entry in our ongoing series of animal fact articles will cover tigers. The tiger is one of the most amazing animals on the planet and is the largest of all felines in the world. These creatures are much different than their other feline cousins so hopefully, this article is educational for you. I hope you enjoy these 10 facts about tigers.

#1 Wanna go for a swim?

Most cats absolutely hate the water but tigers are an exception. They not only like the water, they are well adapted to it. They love to play around in the water while bathing and are amazing swimmers. They are even able to hunt while in the water.


#2 All about their famous stripes.

Many cultures around the globe believe that the tiger is a noble creature. They believe that the stripes on their face look like the Chinese symbol meaning king. Much like their smaller domestic counterparts, if you were to shave their fur off their skin would have the same markings that adorn their fur. No two tigers stripes are alike much like our fingerprints. You can find their fur in all sorts of different colors from standard orange to white or black. There are even said to be blue tigers though no proof that they actually exist has been found.

#3 That tickles.

They use their tounges in many different ways. You might think that they lap up water when they drink but they don't. They actually flip the water into the air with their tongues and catch it. Did you know that tiger saliva is actually a disinfectant? It's true. When they are wounded they will lick their wound in order to clean it taking advantage of their tounges natural disinfectant qualities.


#4 What about their mating behavior?

Tigress's (female tigers) are only fertile for around 4-5 days each year. For this reason, they tend to mate fairly often. The gestation period for a tigress is around three months and they normally have between two and three cubs per pregnancy.

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