Worker died from a heart attack during his shift, fellow workers covered his body with umbrellas for hours and carried on with the sales

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Heartbreaking On 28th August 2020

This sadistic incident took place at the largest supermarket in Brazil when one of their employees passed away from a sudden heart attack. His fellow staff workers, instead of removing the body appropriately, placed boxes and umbrellas to cover and carried on with the sales.


#1 This supermarket covered his own employee with umbrellas for four hours after he died from a sudden heart attack there

Manoel Moisés Cavalcante was working when suddenly he suffered from a heart attack. He was given first aid but unfortunately didn't survive. The supermarket where he worked didn't close in respect to his sudden demise but instead, his fellow staff members placed three large umbrellas and several boxes around him to hide his body from the customers.

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#2 The customers shopped normally without suspecting anything

The truth didn't hide for long. The sad and shocking pictures were leaked online and went viral. People condemned the inhumane act of the supermarket and declared the fellow staff workers to be cruel with a lack of compassion.

One person wrote:

An employee dies at a Carrefour in Brazil. The store just covered the body with umbrellas and boxes so they could stay open while they wait for someone to take him away.

This is capitalism.





Another tweeted:

In Brazil, a salesman in a Carrefour supermarket had a heart attack in the middle of his shift and died.

Carrefour covered his body with umbrellas in the middle of the hallway and continued operating like nothing had happened until the morgue could come to pick it up.

A third commented:

A worker died in a Carrefour supermarket in Recife, which covered up his body to remain open. Welcome to Brazil in the year 2020.




#3 Seeing the public response, Carrefour issued an apology where they told that emergency respondersā€™ instructions were not to move the body.

In a statement the company said:

Carrefour apologizes for the inappropriate way it handled the sad and unexpected passing of Mr. Moisés Santos, a victim of a heart attack, in Recife store. The company made a mistake by not closing the store immediately after what happened, as well did not find the correct way to protect Mr. Moses’ body.

We reinforce that as soon as the sales promoter started to feel sick, we did the first aid and we activated SAMU, following all protocols for performing relief quickly. After death, we followed the instruction not to remove the body from the place.

Carrefour also reiterates that it changed the guidelines to employees for rare situations such as including the mandatory closing of the store – with the aim of bringing more sensitivity and respect. We will continue to contact the family of Mr. Moses to support you in whatever is necessary and our sympathies in this difficult time.



#4 Cavalcante's wife was disappointed with the supermarket whom her husband served till his last breath

Cavalcante’s wife told the news website G1: ‘I was outraged. Apparently human beings are worth nothing. People only care about money.’

Carrefour is one of the largest supermarkets in Brazil. After the sadistic incident, the company has changed its policies and now the store would be considerate enough to close immediately in ‘rare situations such as this’.