World's Most Awesome Dad Let His Son Wear THIS For Halloween

By Suzanne in Cool On 9th October 2015

#1 Paul Henson and his wife have tried to allow their son to make his own decisions.

#2 It just so happened that this Halloween, one of those decisions was a little less conventional. But that doesn't mean the 28-year-old from Virginia was about to say no. I mean, come on. Look at that face!

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#3 Paul Henson posted a picture on Facebook of his son in a dressing room picking out a Halloween costume... you might notice the outfit is a bit "prettier" than boys usually choose.

#4 That Halloween costume? Elsa from the movie Frozen. Along with the picture, Henson posted this comment. But you won't believe how the internet reacted.

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#5 The photo and message has since been shared more than 26,000 times. And the comment section? It's completely and utterly full of support for Caiden and his dad.

#6 The story has been picked up by news outlets around the world. Parents have come out to not only support Caiden in his decision to be a princess, but to show their own children who have decided to wear less "traditional" gender-assigned Halloween costumes.

#7 And a lot of those comments have come with some pretty freaking awesome pictures. Like this girl who decided to go as Darth Vader. Princess Leia is SO overdone.

#8 Or this five-year-old girl, who went as Gene Simmons from Kiss. The pictures just kept coming, each more unreal than the last.

#9 There's this girl who went as the Hulk, but has also dressed as Thor and Iron Man in the past.

#10 This boy actually makes a killer Snow White!

#11 This girl who is just winning at life. If you're wearing a Jack Skellington costume before 16 years old, you're going to be alright.

#12 Or this boy who OWNS Strawberry Shortcake. But that was just the start of the posts, and when you see what they wrote you'll be choking back the water works.

#13 Parent win: can't decide? Then be both. Lord Queen Elsa Vader. I am 100 per cent dressing my child like this.

#14 "My daughter wanted to be a police officer one year and she specifically said she didn't want the girly costume." Preach. You're not running down ANY robbers in a skirt.

#15 Iron Man... on a pony... yes.

#16 And then there was this boy who went as Minnie Mouse. But the corresponding comment is the best part."Awesome, this is my son as Minnie Mouse cuz he loves Minnie Mouse, on Halloween he's Minnie, my wife is Mickey, and I'm his Fairy Godmother with some awesome purple wings smile emoticon glad to see other families doing the same and just letting kids be what they want to be."Amen, sir... Amen.