WTF! Horrifying! A Teenage Girl Was Chopped Up Over 3 Days By Her Step Brother And His Girlfriend

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 11th October 2015

#1 This is Becky Watts aged 16 years.

#2 She was murdered and then her body was chopped by her step brother (picture 1st left) and his girl friend (second from right)

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#3 Matthews and girlfriend Shauna Hoare spent three days cutting up Becky's body. Each piece was wrapped in clingflim and moved to a temporary location till a permanent solution was found.

#4 During investigation Matthews said he acted alone in the murder and wanted to kidnap Becky to teach her lesson for treating his mother badly.

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#4 The evidence collected from this murder included digital forensic evidence that showed Shauna and Matthews shared a sexual interest in teenage and petite girls.

Was this a gruesome expression of sexual fetish? We may never know.