You Absolutely Must Take A Stroll Through These 13 Romantic Tree Tunnels

By Michael Avery in Nature On 7th February 2018

#1 Jacarandas Walk, South Africa

This amazing tourist attraction in South Africa is over 100 years old. It is one of the biggest manmade forests in the entire world and contains over 70,000 imported trees. In October the flowers fully bloom and it's truly a sight to behold.

#2 Sakura Tunnel, Japan

This beautiful cherry blossom tree tunnel in Japan is a magnificent sight indeed. The wonderful pink tunnel along with the way the light radiates everywhere under the canopy of trees looks like something you would only see in a fairy tale.

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#3 The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

You might recognize this tunnel from "Game of Thrones." It's a real place and you can visit it the next time you travel to Northern Ireland.

#4 Street in Bonn, Germany

When spring arrives in the Street of Bonn in Germany it's truly one of nature's most beautiful sights. The flowers in full bloom completely cover everything and provide a stunning view that you will never forget.

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#5 Central Park in New York City, USA

Central Park is a major tourist attraction in New York City. It's perfect for a romantic walk during any time of the year but during the fall it truly comes alive as all the leaves exhibit all of their beautiful colors.

#6 Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Japan

This amazing tunnel in Kitakyushu Japan is composed of hundreds of Wisteria flowers. It is truly a beautiful place to visit.

#7 Oak Alley along the Mississippi River outside New Orleans, Louisiana

If you ever visit New Orleans you must stop by the Oak Alley plantation. The property features an amazing double row of oaks that provide an astonishingly beautiful canopy for your walk down the path.

#8 Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

This Ukrainian railway is the perfect spot for lovers who want to get away. As long as you don't mind the train that travels through the tunnel 3 times each day, it's a great spot to visit.

#9 Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Japan

During your visit to Japan, you must make sure to visit the Ginkgo Tree Tunnel. The Ginkgo Biloba trees that cover this area are revered by the Japanese because of their longevity.

#10 Cypress Tunnel, Point Reyes, California

Point Reyes is home to the amazing cypress tree tunnel that is hundreds of years old. Point Reyes is also historically significant because it houses one of the oldest radio stations in the world, Marconi Wireless Station.

#11 Bamboo Path, Japan

Located in Arashiyama, Japan this bamboo path runs through the Sagano bamboo forest. This beautiful forest is considered a historic site by Japan and several shrines and temples are located within it. You have to be there when the wind blows to hear the magical sound that is produced. You will never forget your visit to this beautiful place.

#12 Jinhae Gunhangje, South Korea

This South Korean cheery blossom tunnel is amazing. Every year in April South Korea holds its largest cherry blossom festival, The Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival. If you want to see something truly beautiful, you should visit during the festival.

#13 Parque Francisco Alvarado, Costa Rica

This beautiful tunnel is located in a park that is right in front of the Zarcero church. Evangelisto Blanco has maintained the park since the 1960s. It definitely a place you should visit at least once in your life.