You Are A Rockstar If You Can Find The Cat In These Photos

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Puzzle On 25th February 2018

If you think finding a missing chameleon would be hard to find, imagine trying to find a cat that blends perfectly in with the background. Some of these are super hard. Do you think you can find the missing cat in all of them? We will see.

Easy Peasy

Well, this one was super easy, but the rest will not be. Don't worry. We are not going to just dump a bunch of frustrating pictures without giving you hints. Even better, in the end, we will show you exactly where all of these little bundles of fur were hiding.


Playing in the field

Yes, we are starting you out with a hard one. You will only really be able to see the cat's head in this image. We recommend zooming in to find this guy, otherwise, it is near impossible to find him. He sure has a pretty white nose!

Accepted as one of their own

This kitty blends in so well with all of these owls, that they have no clue he is even there. For us, he is really not that hard to spot, and once you do see him, you will not be able to unsee him.


Leaf me alone

This one is near impossible to find as he blends in a little too well. Since it is super hard, we will let you know that the only part you will be able to find are his furry little ears.

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