You Are Going To Love These Amazing Breeds Of Dogs From Around The World

By Missy aka Tizzy in Nature On 25th March 2018

Hungarian Puli Dog

This dog is most widely recognizable by its dreadlock-like coat. They come from Hungary and are much smaller than they appear because of their wild hair. They are super friendly dogs that will get along with the whole family and even other dogs. However, they will be wary towards strangers until they get used to them. They do not really shed or drool, but their coat takes a lot of care to keep it from becoming a total mess. They are pretty smart, so they are easy to train, but they are also very active dogs, so they will need plenty of exercise. This is not a dog for people who are new to raising dogs but will make a great pet for anyone with some experience.


A true Molossus breed of dog no longer exists. It was a large breed dog loved by the Greeks and Romans and was the precursor to breeds like the Mastiff, St. Bernard, and others classified as Molossers. According to, Aristotle even wrote about the breed saying, "Of the Molossian breed of dogs, such as are employed in the chase are pretty much the same as those elsewhere; but sheep-dogs of this breed are superior to the others in size, and in the courage with which they face the attacks of wild."

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Peruvian Inca Orchid

This dog breed comes from the Andes and comes in hairless and coated varieties. Most of the dogs who are predominantly hairless have a patch of hair on their heads between their ears. Even though they might feel like they are warmer than most dogs to the touch, they do need sweaters to go outside in the winter time. They take their time getting to know their owners and do not like being touched until they have accepted a person as worthy of doing so. They are very smart and adapt well to positive reinforcement. They enjoy being walked, but it is important to remember to not have them out in the sun for long since they do not have hair to protect them from damaging UV rays. It is recommended that they are not owned by novice dog owners.

Neapolitan Mastiff

This breed of dog was developed in Italy to be guard dogs. Nowadays, they are known as gentle giants. These bad boys can grow from 120 pounds to 200 pounds, so they are definitely not apartment dogs. They are loving and loyal towards their family but do not do so well with strangers or other dogs. They are lovers, not fighters, but they do have a stare that makes people very cautious when first being introduced to them. They are big-time droolers as well, so you might want to protect your furniture and keep their teeth clean so their drool does not become stinky making your whole house smell. If you love big dogs, this breed would be right up your alley.

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Caucasian Shepherd

Speaking of massive dog breeds, the Caucasian Shepherd can range anywhere from 80 to 220 pounds. According to, these dogs were bred to help shepherds in the Caucasus Mountain region keep their flocks safe from predators like wolves and bears. While they do not have super high levels of energy, they do need lots of space. They need a big yard with a tall, solid fence to keep them inside. They love to be with their family, so they should spend most of their time inside. If this breed is left to be chained up alone in a yard, they can become aggressive, and having a dog this big become aggressive is a recipe for disaster. You must be very invested to own a dog like this.


On the other side of the size spectrum is the Löwchen who was developed as a toy breed specifically to be a companion dog. They are beautiful and smart, so they make for great competition dogs. They are easy to train and are extremely affectionate with their family, other dogs, and children. While they are pretty easy dogs to own, you must keep up with their grooming so their hair does not become matted. Also, keep in mind that they are meant to be companion dogs. Leaving them outside or caged up for hours on end will cause possible illnesses or changes in temperament.


These are Russian hunting dogs that chase after foxes and rabbits, usually in teams of threes. Eventually, royal families started keeping them as companion dogs. They are a tall but slender breed. They can grow to be 2 feet 8 inches from the ground to shoulder and weigh from 55 to 105 pounds. They have a silky coat that should be brushed regularly. They do really well in small spaces despite their size, so you could totally have one in an apartment. They are good with kids and other animals as well. If you are looking for a furry companion dog that is not intimidaing with a bit of size to it, this might be your kind of dog.

Catahoula Cur

This breed is also called the Catahoula Leopard Dog because of its spotted appearance. says that they are a tough dod bred for working in the swamps and forests and that they need a strong leader who is consistent and firm and has time to be a companion to this dog. They are affectionate towards their owners but are very cautious with strangers and other dogs. They are vocal about who they do and do not trust. Remember that dogs are very good judges in character, so listen when they warn you about someone. What is really cool about these dogs is that they have webbed feet making it easy for them to swim and get around in muddy, marshy areas.