You Could Be Making Makeup Mistakes That Are Aging You

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 29th December 2017

There are no real rules to makeup. Your goal should be to bring your best face forward and to have fun experimenting. You do not have to settle for one specific look, but there are some things that you may be doing that could actually be aging you faster. Here is our list of things you should remove from your beauty routine.


Using the wrong shade of blush

Blush is always fun to use, but if you choose a color that is too dark or too bright, it could lead to disaster. A soft peach or rose tint can add a youthful look to your face, but a color that is too dark will make you look tired.


Not following a skincare routine

Dry, oily, tired, and cracked skin is the worst canvas to apply makeup on. After you wash your face and use some toner, do not forget to put on a moisturizer that contains an SPF.


Using shimmer eyeshadows over the crease

We really should be thankful for the creation of matte transition shades that frame our eyes perfectly. One must be careful with shimmery eyeshadows because they accentuate creases and wrinkles. The best thing to do is to apply your shimmer at the inner corners of your eyes and the center of the lids.


Not blending enough

Your foundation could look like a second skin when blended in properly. For that airbrushed look, use a damp beauty blender and blend until your arm hurts. There is no such thing as over-blending.


Wearing concealer that's too light

A concealer that is too light will make you look tired. Light colors bring attention to any and all flaws in your skin. If you have wrinkles, you should moisturize and use a concealer that is just a shade or two lighter than what you are covering up.


Highlighting where you shouldn’t be

Highlighters are meant to bring out the highest points of your face. If you have textured or wrinkled skin, highlighter will bring that out even more. To be safe, keep the highlighter to your cheekbones and your cupid's bow.


Going crazy with eyeshadow

You really can pack on as much pigment as you like on your eyes. However, if you really want to enhance your eyes, you should stick to matte, neutral shades. Avoid using too many colors at once as colors will highlight any and all of your problem areas.

Using a ton of powder

As we get older, our skin begins to dry out. We have to moisturize often. Using powder will absorb your natural skin oils and moisture which will leave your skin looking dry and tired. Only use powder if you absolutely need it, and use it sparingly.


Adding too many layers of foundation

There is no such thing as perfect skin unless you are a baby. Foundation can be your best friend if it is used properly. You want to always moisturize first. Then add primer and build your foundation up in small amounts. Remember, less is more.

Overlining the lips

Whatever you do, do not draw attention to those fine lines around your mouth. Follow your natural lip line and pick a liner that matches your lipstick. You should try using a creamy lipstick pencil and draw just slightly outside the lip line for a fuller effect.


Only using black eyeliner

Black is a color that has been overused for way too long. Add a bit of color to your makeup by finding a color that really brings out the color of your eyes. A color wheel would come in handy to finding a new eyeliner shade that would bring some awesome contrast to your eye color.

Baking poorly-hydrated under eyes

Baking is a technique where you pack on layers of powder under the eyes, let it "bake," and then brush it all off. If you have dehydrated or mature skin, this is a huge makeup no-no. You should apply moisturizer then concealer and skip the powder completely. You need to maintain all of the moisture that you can.


Skipping the primer

Primer is used to help keep your makeup in place and provides a smoother finish. It reduces the sight of fine lines and pores. Always apply moisturizer first. Look for a primer that has anti-ageing and pore minimizing benefits.

Not removing makeup at night

You may feel too tired to remove your makeup at the end of the night, but it is a vital step that you should not skip. Sleeping with your makeup on can cause you to look older. It can also cause breakouts and put you at risk of infection. It totally compromises your skin's barrier.


Skipping the lipstick

Our lips lose pigmentation as we age. Be sure to add some color to your look without overdoing it. Stay away from darker shades if you want a more youthful look. Plus, dark colors make your lips look smaller.

Neglecting your eyebrows

Having great brows is so important as they frame your eyes and give your face a natural facelift. As we age, our brows will become sparse. Be sure to define and shape them with a brow gel or pencil that matches your hair color.

There is nothing wrong with aging, but there is no need to speed up the process. If you follow these tips, you will look much more youthful.