You Have The Razor Sharp Reflexes Of A Ballroom Whiz If You Can Spot The Second Lady Dancer In Under 10 Seconds

By maks in Puzzle On 13th May 2024

Brighten up your day by trying to spot the second female dancer hidden in the scene, all within ten seconds. 

If you manage to find her in under ten seconds, you might just have the super quick reflexes of a ballroom dance expert.

So, why not put on your dancing shoes and take a spin at this challenge?

The image depicts a man and a woman dancing together romantically. 

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However, there’s an uninvited guest hidden in the picture.

Can you spot her?

This puzzle is especially tough, as the third person is exceptionally well hidden.

You really need to focus, or you won't have a chance at solving it.

Still haven't spotted her? Here’s a little hint to help you out.

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Consider looking at the image from different angles and examine it very closely.

If you're still struggling, don't worry about stumbling—like you would in a long ball gown. 

We've put the solution right at the bottom for you.

Keep doing these puzzles regularly; they're great for boosting your memory and enhancing problem-solving skills.

Progress Lifeline suggests that such activities can also lift your mood and improve your visual and spatial reasoning skills.

To solve this dance-themed puzzle, try flipping the image upside down.

If you look carefully, you'll see another woman’s face cleverly camouflaged within the dancing woman's head.