You Know Those Little Red Bumps You Get After Shaving? The Reason Why Will Gross You Out!

Posted by Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 16th January 2017

The reason why you get those little red bumps on your legs (or other places) after shaving is actually pretty gross! So for those of you who prefer a razor to waxing, prepare to have your opinion altered!

#1 Not only are these little red bumps shrouded by mystery, they can also be pretty painful too!

Most people will get these red bumps after shaving, and not many people know why – until now!


#2 When you leave your razor in the shower, it is exposed to bacteria which thrives in the warm wet bathroom setting.

This bacteria then manifests itself on your skin after shaving and causes the bumps to form.

Old razors are also likely to pick up soap and little hairs which also encourage bacteria to grow.

But, fear not! There are ways you can keep using your razor while avoiding the gross bacteria and therefore the red shaving bumps!

#3 The easiest solution:

change your razor regularly! If you don’t have a new razor to hand, you can try cleaning your skin and the blade with soapy water before shaving to remove any unwanted bacteria, dirt or dead skin.

If you do get “razor rash”, you should place a warm towel on the affected area to help calm the redness and reduce the bumps. The heat helps to kill the bacteria.



Additionally, wearing cotton clothing that allows your skin to breathe also helps to stop bacteria from growing. If you’re brave enough, waxing is a more hygienic method of hair removal. Alternatively, hair removal cream is pain-free (but messy and tedious) or you can try hair removal exfoliation pads.

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