You Might Think You Have The Worst Job On Earth But You Would Be Very Wrong

Posted by Michael Avery in Bizarre On 29th April 2018

Everyone hates their job at some point. Some people might even think they have the worst job in the world but unless you have one of these jobs you're about to see, you are very wrong. Remember, it can always get worse.


#1 Target Practice?

Being a knife throwers assistant has to be a nervewracking job. I mean really, wtf posses a person to stand there and let someone throw sharp knives at them. Not only is this a terrible job it's freaking dangerous.


#2 Gotta get that perfect angle.

You couldn't pay me enough money to stand around in the pit and snap up-close photos of a demolition derby. That doesn't mean you can't pay some people. I hope it's worth it.

#3 All the nopes!

All those windows on high rise buildings don't clean themselves. Nope, some poor shmuck has to get up there and do it. Hell no!

#4 Are you hungry big fella?

This is another job that is freaking crazy. I am pretty sure that giant crocodile could care less about whatever he's being fed. He wants whats holding the meat.


#5 This is shocking.

Now, this is what you call a damn mess. All those wires up there, how are you supposed to figure out and keep track of the right one to work on? Make a mistake and it's all over.

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