You Must Know These iPhone Tricks To Access The Necessary Information During A Medical Emergency

By Sughra Hafeez in Science and Technology On 2nd October 2015

#1 This is the iPhone feature which stores the necessary information during emergency.

Katherine Jarmy posted this picture on Facebook which has been shared 600,000 of times as of Thursday.

#2 The “Medical ID” feature.

Using this feature we can access the important medical information even if the phone is locked like DOB, emergency contacts, blood type, and other important information.

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#4 Then "Menu Screen" will show many options where “Medical ID” will have to select.

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#5 Then your screen will present your medical ID.

#6 To access the feature once it’s set up, click the Home button, then “emergency,” then Medical ID, and you’ll be taken to the screen with all the relevant information. It only takes a minute to set up, and can be a lifesaver in a medical emergency.