You Will Not Believe Some Of These Signs Are Even Real

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 4th June 2018

Have you ever seen a sign on a business that was totally inappropriate? Maybe you have seen one that was so funny that you just had to stop and take a picture. We scoured the web for signs just like those. These signs are so bad that you cannot help but to laugh.


When you see someone drowning, laugh out loud first, enjoy some bacon, then you dial 911. We are not too sure you will be able to save someone like this, but whatever.


Fish & Chips

Huh? Is anyone else totally confused after reading this sign? We are not so sure that this is a good deal. What do you think?

Historical Marker

Now, this is something that deserves to be in all history books. It is not often that a man wins an argument with a woman. It definitely also deserves to be turned into a national holiday.


27 Drinks

While one side of us says that this sign is totally irresponsible for the bar to post, but the fun side makes us want to accept the challenge. We wonder if anyone made it to their free drink and lived to tell the tale.

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Your thoughts?

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