You Will Not Believe That These Horrible Clothing Fails Actually Made It To Stores

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 1st August 2017

Unless you are some fashionista who keeps track of every incoming and outgoing trend, you would have a hard time knowing what is and is not in style at any given time. No matter how bad your fashion sense may be, we can guarantee you one thing and that is that these items will NEVER be in style.

This list of super fashion fails are truly cringeworthy and totally hilarious. You are about to see anything from strange patterns that resemble personal stains to really bad slogans and designs. We can't wait to see which one you thought was the worst of the bunch.



We just cannot stop laughing at this one... Sure hope no one goes in for a sniff of that flower.



This is pretty epic in a good way.



Nothing like a poorly placed Leaning Tower of Pisa.



Gee...thanks for the advice.


His name is Brodie Jonas Dean, and his granny thought it was a funny coincidence that his initials were on this shirt, so he picked one up for him.



Two flamingos, one vagina...sounds like the name of a really bad adult movie



This girl needs to face everyone head on to keep things from getting really weird in this pub.



These poorly placed flowers made it look like she made a big ol' mess of herself...gross.



I bet this one is made in China... I hope they really meant "fist bump."



Now this shirt really does appear to be perfectly fine. We would have no problem wearing it.

We just would be sure to not wear a sweater with it.



I didn't know unicorns were male.


I see what you did there.



I found Waldo!


I bet they are super baseball players too.


This shirt is terrifying!



Is that a sloth in your pocket, or are ya just happy to see me?


When you see it....


The only thing that could make these uniforms worse would be if they were see through white instead.



This guy's shirt looks like a massive wedgie.


These kitten socks are super cute until you put them on, then they become terrifying.


This is the most un-inspirational shirt, ever.



When you upload your own pics to your shirt, be sure to remove the .jpg markings.


This is the most confusing thing I have ever seen in the clothing section.


Photoshop or nah?



Is this just a case of bad fashion, or is it a case of bad timing?

We may never know.


"Bigges around." Yeah right, you wish!


These guys look like they had a rough night of drinking before the game and hurled all over each other.



It might take you a few minutes, but when you see it, you will not be able to unsee it.