You Won't Believe How This Indian Model And Makeup Artist Recreates Disney Princesses On Instagram Leaving Us Awe-Struck!

Posted by Sumaika Ghani in Fashion On 31st December 2017

Hamel Patel has recreated Disney princesses and we can not do any thing but compliment the extraordinary work of this talented artist. Look at the mind-blowing pictures and you will agree too!



Growing up with Disney, every girl dreams of living the fantasy tale and having the same gorgeous looks as the princesses shown in the good old Disney cartoons. In an attempt to look like some Disney character, we all end up trying to dress up like a princess at least once in our life time as we know that the princess style never goes out of trend.



One Indian model and make up artist Hamel Patel just did the same thing! She recreated the Disney princesses adding Indian culture style to her art. With bewitching eye make up and absolutely stunning outfits, Hamel proved her talent and amazed everyone with mind-blowing transformations.



The Indian artist recreated every type of princess from Snow White (the one with poisonous apple) to Mulan and each recreation is more breathtaking than the previous one! The beautiful art has attracted thousands of people and Hamel is being followed by a large number of fans on her Instagram account where she posted the astounding pictures.


With bindi and Indian culture added to Disney princess idea, Hamel rocked each make over and we are all expecting the same kind of remarkable work from the talented artist in future.

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