You Wouldn’t Believe What This Girl Has Done With Pieces of Paper. It’s Magical Artistry!

By Muk Khatri in Amazing On 30th September 2015

#1 She started with this unappealing and totally meaningless paper mache.

To you, this may just be pieces of paper glued together but Brittani has seen a masterpiece in this unappealing and totally meaningless paper mache. Wait until she has done all the work.

#2 Then she shaped the wires to craft a dragon’s body.

Shortly, Brittani began to craft a dragon's body by shaping the wires and using some putty. It slowly forms the way she hoped it to appear.

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#3 Her keenness and great attention to details had made it this fantastic.

As an artist, Brittani pays too much attention to details. She is keen and focused. These had helped her create beautiful masterpieces just like how this looks extremely fantastic, but she is just starting...

#4 The dragon has now become beautifully visible.

Look at how she turned those pieces of paper into this beautifully visible form of art. It's a creation waiting to be admired!

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#5 Wow! How did she do that?!

Wow, that's amazing, isn't it? How did she even do that?! Her talent is clearly unfolding through that paper mache and no one has expected that.

#6 That dragon’s face might still look lifeless…

Brittani's art is improving before your eyes. After putting too much focus on the body, she now moves to transform what seems to be a lifeless face of the dragon.

#7 And behold! That dragon is so lifelike!

Behold, that dragon is so lifelike! Her sense of artistry is really admirable. You cannot even tell from afar what it was made of.

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#8 She added the right shades of color and that has made a big difference.

To make her sculpture more imaginative, Brittani mixes the right shades of color to express what she wanted her art to become. It has made a big difference to what was initially a plain yet beautifully crafted body of dragon.

#9 The design was so intricate; it almost appears like only Brittani can do it.

That's definitely the most intricate design of a dragon you could ever witness! It was done so meticulously that it's almost impossible for others to imitate it.

#10 The sculpture is now displayed for everyone to see!

Who could ever say that Brittani is still a budding artist? The talent and skills manifested in this sculpture clearly characterized someone who is expert in arts.

#11 Stop and stare at this immense form of beauty.

Feel free to stop and stare at this immense form of beauty that only Brittani can create. It is truly a masterpiece no matter where and how you look at it.

#12 Indeed, an astonishing piece of art!

Perhaps, no one has seen it coming but Brittani's imagination is incomprehensible. She is one great artist that magically produced an astonishing piece of art. Excellence!