Young Boy Helps A Disabled Puppy Move Around By Building Him A Wheelchair Of LEGO Bricks

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 10th February 2020

Meet the young boy Dylan who came up with the best solution to help their new puppy in moving around. Considering the puppy's small size Dylan has built a wheelchair of lego bricks for Gracie.


#1 Born with a skeletal deformity

Gracie is a beautiful young puppy who was born with a skeletal deformity. Born without her front legs, she was immediately dumped to a shelter home before taken to the vet. Not given enough attention and love, the young pup lost big patches of hair and had maggots crawling all over her body when she was taken to the vet.

This was all before Gracie was adopted by a loving family who nursed her back to health and her playful self with their love and care.


#2 Adopted by a kind family

Despite her disability, Gracie was adopted by the Turner family who also happens to run their own shelter and had experience with handling disabled dogs before.


#3 Finding solution for Gracie to enjoy freedom like other puppies of her age

Gracie being smaller in size had trouble in supporting her weight and considering her size, the option of a wheelchair was also not suitable. The family had to come up with another solution.

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