Your Best Defense Is Your Pen

By Editorial Staff in Cool On 21st November 2013


Get ready to save yourself from the unexpected! Be prepared for anything the world throws your way with this tactical self defense pen in your pocket, which is going to provide you the assistance when you need it the most. Apart from its patented waterproof ink, the pen features a power glass breaker, multi handcuff key opener, and even a self defense tool that collects an attacker’s DNA sample, what more can you ask for in a self protecting gadget!



Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6" x .55" (152 x 14mm)
  • This tactical pen is made of aircraft aluminum
  • You can use its pointed DNA catcher crown for self defense and come away with your attacker’s DNA
  • Also works as a glass breaker, if the idea of getting DNA samples don’t work out
  • The glass breaker crown hides a handcuff key
  • You can fill it with Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills
  • Pocket clip (removable)
  • Writes with black ink, upside down or underwater