You’re A Genius If You Can Solve These 5 Puzzles

By Editorial Staff in Puzzle On 26th January 2017

Riddle 1: Can you find the woman in the picture?

Thanks to German artist Jörg Düsterwald who is a specialized body painter. Body painting is a beautiful art.

Answer 1

Look closer, a bit more…and you’ll find something surprising.

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Riddle 2: You have only 10 seconds to find your name in the picture

This task is really simple, you have to find your name in the mix of the alphabets.

Answer 2:

Somewhere in the puzzle lies the answer. Are you watching closely? The question is to find YOUR NAME.

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Riddle 3: Find six horses in the picture.

There are six horses in the picture, horse-like figures hidden in the painting. Can you find it?

Answer 3:

Can’t find all the six horses? Here’s the answer.

Riddle 4: Murder or suicide? Explain?

Look at the picture carefully, deduce whether it was a murder or suicide?

Answer 4:

1. The gun is in the right hand. If someone shoots himself/herself in the head, they die instantly, so the gun should have fallen.

2. The slippers will still be on her legs if she shot herself.

3. Cigarettes shouldn’t be in her hands if it’s a suicide. She would have finished her cigarette first and then killed herself.

4. The blood has splattered on the wall on the right side. It doesn’t look like she took the shot with her right hand.

Riddle 5: The Sherlock Riddle

Sherlock, A detective who was only days from cracking an international smuggling ring has suddenly gone missing. While inspecting his last-known location, you find a note:

710 57735 34 5508 51 7718

Currently there are 3 suspects: Bill, John, and Todd. Can you break the detective’s code and find the criminal’s name?

Answer 5: Bill. Read the numbers upside down. The numbers resemble letters.