10 Anime Characters That Prove Anyone Can Get A Date

By Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 20th September 2015

#1. Haru - My Little Monster

Be not good at any social relationship and be overly violent. Threaten to rape the main girl in your first meeting with her. Try to control her by telling her not to ever be away from you. Put her in a chokehold. She'll start blushing around you and want to take care of you soon.

#2. Shinji - Evangelion

Complain about pretty much everything. Don't attempt to make things better until it's literally life or death. Refuse to get in the robot.

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#3. Kagome - Inuyasha

Break the mystic stone that is important and force the strong guy to help you. Constantly wield the power to make him faceplant and yell a lot. He will love you for it and swear to protect you from anything.

#4. Miaka - Fushigi Yuugi

Get pulled into a magic book and try to get the guy who saves you from slave traders to help you. When he says no, just call him a pervert and slave trader in public to force him to. When he inevitably falls for you charm (or Stockholm Syndrome), keep around a few other guys and always make it clear that food is always #1 in your heart.

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#5. Kanou - Okane ga Nai

Use your piles of extra cash to buy a young boy off an auction and force sex on him. Somewhat apologize. Then pay him for sex. But always be possessive and gruff. Your new companion will happily be yours, even if you cut his wage, and maybe won't report you to the police.

#6. Mamoru - Sailor Moon

Constantly tease a girl for being inept, even though she did just become a superhero. Wear a tuxedo everywhere, even in summer. When you see battles happening, just watch and maybe help if someone is about to die. Schoolgirls will love you and throw themselves at you.

#7. Light - Death Note

Focus only on yourself and your wants. Decide you are God. Kill a lot of people. Ask girls to consistently make huge life sacrifices (sometimes literally) to keep your cult going. Their utter devotion will allow you to slip past the police for years.

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#8. Sakuya - Sensual Phase

Be a sexy singer who can choose to have almost any woman but pursue a naïve high schooler. Ignore almost anything she asks of you and act like you don't care. Oh and why not sexually assault her out of jealously? I'm sure she won't think you're a criminal creep and will super love you instead of calling the cops.

#9. Usui - Kaicho Wa Maid Sama

Be super rich, attractive, and smart. Notice that the Student Council President is hiding that she works in a maid café so she can pay off family debts. Stalk her. Force your love on her. She eventually comes to love you because you save her and stuff but she will likely tell the kids you two will eventually have that you stalked her hardcore (and not even in a ha-ha funny way for awhile).

#10. Raku - Niskeoi and Every Harem Anime Ever

Be average. Have two girls that are madly in love with you. You could choose the girl you like best but you'd rather focus on an old childhood promise to determine who you date. Then string even more girls along and keep them all hanging in season 2. Yeah, I'm not sure why but they'll love it.

The common thread with all these characters is they seem to find someone that can deal with their crazy (and not call the police) so if someone calls you crazy, move on to the next one.