13 Terrible Jack-O-Lanterns That Are So Bad They Need To Be Smashed Before They Ruin Halloween!

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 15th October 2015

#1.This is literally just a hole, you could have carved it better with a drop kick. Let's try that now.

#2.Its the horrible pumpkin you can never really get rid of.

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#3. It's too bad pumpkins aren't flammable but I'm sure we can figure something out with a little lighter fluid and a lot of determination.


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#5.This is either a pumpkin or Dr. Kevorkian's greatest piece of evidence. Put it out of it's misery.

#6.Are you a bat or a failed attempt at the Wu-Tang symbol? Screw you, pumpkin. You ruined my day.

#7.Is it people holding hands while wearing bell-bottoms or did someone just hack away random shapes with a cookie cutter? We don't have time to fine out, just throw it down a mountain and never look back.

#8.I think this was supposed to be Mario, but could easily double as Hello Kitty. Or it could triple as something at the bottom of my trash can.

#9.Grab a bat and get to smashing. Hurry, before anyone gets super bummed out by the maybe-vampire.

#10.This pumpkin is practically screaming to be wrapped in a pillow case and bashed against the wall.

#11.This dog licks balls. Is that's what's happening here? seriously what is in that dog's mouth? Besides failure. And ruined Halloweens? Kill it before it kills you.

#12.Step 1: put in the backseat of car. Step 2: drive into a lake.

#13.This is correct.