13 Things That'll Make You Say "No Sh*t Sherlock"

By Muk Khatri in Funny On 2nd September 2015

#1 Turns out falling into a 1000-ft deep canyon poses a serious risk to your health.

#2 No mowing babies? THANKS OBAMA!

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#4 If you need this sign there is a 100% chance you can't read it.

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#5 In fairness, this could be the office of someone whose last name is "Door."

#6 Anyone up for a game of actual rock, actual paper, actual scissors?

#8 Compelling. I can see why The Beatles got into eastern philosophy.

#9 Great! I hate when it's made from concentrate.

#10 Nature is my favorite part of nature.

#11 No thanks, I prefer my hot sausage cold.

#12 Seems legit.

#13 Who'd of thought this would happen?