14 People Who Are Extremely Confused About How Holidays Work.

By Michael Avery in Funny On 6th September 2015

#1 Or, if you're an English conservative, Happy Tory Day.

Labor Day, for example, honors workers and unionized labor. Good for you if you knew that, unlike these people who don't quite get holidays.

#2 And let's hope you never do.

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#4 You don't remember the day Jeff Goldblum saved the planet from aliens?!

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#5 You're thinking of Flag Day.

#6 Independence from competitive test scores, yeah.

#8 Also, Hocus Pocus is real.

#9 Kind of makes you wish they'd bring back the Draft.

#10 Remember that year it fell on Christmas? Total chaos.

#11 Happy Cinco de Mayo!

#12 Jesus discovered America in 1492, you know.

#13 Feliz Navidad!

#14 Duh, Fourth of July and I Have a Dream Speech Day Guy are the same thing.