14 Problems All Lazy People Have Faced

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 18th October 2015


You'll wear bathing suit bottoms before you do laundry.


Telling yourself you're gonna work out and then...not working out.

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Trying to convince your boss you can work from home so that you don't have to put on pants.

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Have you ever made your bed? Like, ever?


When your phone dies and you're not gonna get up and get a charger.


When you tell yourself that you're gonna be productive today.


When you text someone in the next room so you don't have to get up.



When you're hungry but you know you're not gonna cook and you're not gonna do dishes.


When you get out of bed and then you're supposed to do something else.


When you're too lazy to do something so you ask your pet to do it for you.


When you have to shower but you don't want to get in and then you don't want to get out.