14 Thoughts We've All Had When We Really Need To Pee

By Muk Khatri in Funny On 9th September 2015

#1 "Shit. Probably shouldn't have had that Big Gulp."

#2 "There's no bathroom nearby. Can I hold it? Yeah, I can totally hold it."

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#4 "THAT WAS A TERRIBLE DECISION. It's so much worse now."

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#5 "Don't think about water. Or waterfalls. Or running faucets. Or flowing rivers. WHO IS POURING WATER RIGHT NOW?!"

#6 "Why am I in so much pain?! It's like my bladder is stabbing me with a tiny sword."

#8 "My abdomen is literally swelling. I am pregnant WITH PEE."

#9 "Has anyone ever died from holding their pee too long?? I'm going to be the first aren't I."


#11 "Walking hurts so bad. Can people see me waddling? I may not make it. Tell my cat I loved her."

#12 "Made it to the stall! Pants offfff...WHY AM I WEARING A BELT?!"

#13 *Pressure washes inside of toilet bowl with monstrous pee stream*

#14 "That was close...Is anyone else thirsty?"