15 Alcohol Inventions We Didn't Know Existed. Number 9 Will Blow Your Mind!

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 31st August 2015

#1 Golf Bag Dispenser

We all know how frustrating golf can be while you're sober.

#2 Tie Flask

Here's a way to get along with your coworkers, and your boss, too.

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#3 Wine Chiller

This wine chiller keeps your bottle at a cooler temperature than a fridge or a freezer. It also has a tailgate lighter plugin for cigarette smokers.

#4 A Hidden Wine Pouch

They say diamonds are a woman's best friend, well so is wine.

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#5 Alcohol Shot Gun

Now there's a way to literally have yourself a shot.

#6 A Boot of Beer

Boots weren't just made for walking, you know.

#8 Beer Pager

With a beer pager in your pocket, you'll never lose your drink.

#9 Glass Straw

No need to worry about messes, just tip and sip.

#10 Powdered Alcohol

Just add water and you can take it with you on the go.

#11 iFlask

This idea makes drunk calls and texts even funnier.

#12 Beer Holster

Prepare to be locked and loaded at the next party.

#13 UltraSonic Wine Ager

This machine turns back the clock on any alcoholic beverage.

#14 Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Beer Pong just went to a whole new level.

#15 Remote Control Beer Cooler

You don't even have to get up and reach for that beer can.