15 Hilarious Romantic Text Fails To Make Your Day

By Johny in Funny On 28th September 2015

#1 Try something else. She is not interested in spaghetti.

#2 You Should concentrate on study not movies.

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#4 When Cereal is priority.

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#5 That's true Love. They send eachother very dirty pics. LOL

#6 hahahhaha. That's really full of laugh.

#8 Burn has been done before regret.

#9 Mommy knows all because she suffers the same period that you are suffering now. HOE

#10 LOL. Smart Try. Try Again

#11 Oh. That's real spices. Really hot pic.

#12 These images explain one thing only. "GO F*$@ yourself and sleep"

#13 Yes! Very comfortable .. Because i m afraid of dark.

#14 When auto correct says true about you LOL

#15 hahhaha.. Best reply from wrong number.