15 People Who Clearly Need To Get Their Priorities Straight.

By Johny in Bizarre On 12th October 2015

#1 Mc-Fries Lovers.. They don't need anything else as food. Just Fries and their stomach

#2 It's not your home dude. It's your sister's wedding. Leave Your gadgets aside.

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#4 My wife told me to cycle and diet that's why i do cycle and diet chips. So no more FATs on me.

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#5 The man first saves kids, Then Ribs And Then Wife. This is My True Hero.. LOL

#6 Stops at Pet Cats. Is he really Pussy Lover. Yes For Sure.

#7 She really need high five on her face.

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#8 Don't be so romantic when i m with cereal.

#9 These friendship is forever. Bacon Hummus Always come first.

#10 MOM don't want to spoil the moment of licking ice cream.

#11 This legend needs Pizza Roll before getting dirty with her girlfriend.

#12 Dominos Dominos Everywhere.

#13 Pool Inside Pool. It's easy to catch fish by going near them.

#14 When Cheetos is the only food remain in Walmarts

#15 Sleepers LMAO.. The dude is a real legend.