15 Pizzas That Are Having A Worse Day Than You

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 12th September 2015

#1.The pizza that is the only one here who didn't get baked.

#2.The pizza that gone sent out by an uncaring,unloving corporation.

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#4.The pizza that was cast aside like a teenage pregnancy.

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#5.The pizza that looks like it was butchered by a Craigslist plastic surgeon.

#6.This slice that became this drunk girl's pillow.

#8.This slice that had to identify the charred remains of it's family.

#9.This slice that couldn't remember its Uber password.

#10.This slice that went on the worst date ever.

#11.This pizza doomed to be a cyclops.

#12.This pizza that clearly went out on a 3 am booty call.

#13.This pizza that couldn't even make it as a burger.

#14.This one that was disrespected by a Kraft single.

#15.This pizza that fell through the cracks.