16 Pranks That You Can Pull Without Hurting Anyone

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 31st August 2015

#1 It may look like orange drink, but they won't want to drink it.

Mix cheese sauce in an orange juice pitcher.

#2 No soap for you!

Cover a bar of soap in clear nail polish, and drive your friends crazy when they won't be able to lather up.

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#4 Try removing these on a freezing morning!

Cotton balls will stick to pretty much anything once they're cold.

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#5 Is it soup yet?

Add a bouillon cube to a shower head to get soup from the shower.

#6 Nobody wants veggies anyway.

If you're really good with baking, you can create this fake asparagus out of fondant!

#8 Bathroom switcheroo!

Cut out a skirt and tape it on the male symbol for restroom, and watch the ladies get a thrill.

#9 Great for Halloween too!

Cut holes in paper towel rolls and then stick a glow stick in them. If you leave them in bushes or trees, you're sure to freak someone out.

#10 Now this is downright mean!

Replace someones chicken nuggets with a healthier option, maybe send a hint.

#11 Eye see what you did there...

Stick some googley eyes on everything in your friend's fridge for a fun and cute prank.

#12 Oh No! It's ruined!

Dry out some nail polish on wax paper and then put the dried "spill" on someone's clothes or bed.

#13 A little more work, but really worth the fun once they begin to sweat!

Create "cream cheese deodorant."

#14 You can bring the dessert.

When it's your turn to bring dessert, bring these "Brown Es" instead.

#15 Don't cry, it's not real.

Dry some glue on a piece of glass and peel it off to make it look like spilled milk.

#16 It has over 1 million uses!

Duct tape all your friends things to the ceiling!

#17 Can you pick me up at the airport?

Embarrass your friends by using creative sign to signal their arrival at the airport.