16 Unique Ways To Guarantee That You Become The World's Most AWESOME Parents!

By Johny in Funny On 1st September 2015

#1 Encourage expression of one's self in the family. Saying

#2 As young as they are, you let them realize that the most beautiful (and fun) things can be found at home.

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#4 There are times when you have to do some awful things just to bond with your little girl.

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#5 If he has done something wrong, you have to correct him- not tolerate or side with him.

#6 In this age of smartphones and other gadgets, there's still a great need to impart the love for reading books.

#8 The Urban Dragon Ball Z Costume!

#9 Sacrifice. Be willing to give everything you can just to protect your son or daughter.

#10 Though you're thousand miles away, make a way to interact with your kids.

#11 Wearing a cape in public? If it is to express your love for him or her, do it.

#12 How about building a play corner inside your home? It's a great idea for the next summer vacation.

#13 Before any guy pursues your daughter, she has to know and feel that she has a father who loves her dearly.

#14 Coaching your kids can happen anywhere and at anytime. Always be there.

#15 Little by little, teach your young children about the realities of this world. It'll certainly pay off.

#16 An out of the ordinary tree house! It's a lot of hard work, but it can make your kiddos really happy.