16 Weirdest Things Spotted At Music Festivals

By Johny in Funny On 31st August 2015

#1 These chicks going ham.

#2 The infamous neonbros in all of their shameless glory.

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#4 This hilarious blow-up totem pole; I think I found Molly.

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#5 Sometimes the crowd can inject fear into your heart.

#6 And dedicated fans get absolutely mangled.

#8 I'm not entirely sure what's happening in this picture, but it looks like fun.

#9 And yes, someone did in fact get married at Ultra.

#10 She wears wise words on her tank.

#11 This poor guy on the bottom of the triple-decker shoulder stand.

#12 DJ Diplo being a boss, crowdsurfing in a bubble.

#13 I remember my first rave.

#14 Incredibly accurate.

#15 I didn't choose the plur life, the plur life chose me.