17 Grandparents Who Are Seriously Struggling With Social Media

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 4th September 2015

#1 Grandma, who doesn't know you're not supposed to say those things online.

#2 Mary and Josephine, who haven't discovered the 'hide from my feed' feature yet.

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#4 Brian's grandpa, who really just wants a call from his grandson.

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#5 This girl's aunt, who has seen too much.

#6 This person, who is deeply offended by that fruit salad.

#8 Chuck Grassley, who is either really clueless or really cool.

#9 Grandma, who apparently has this social media thing down to a science.

#10 This poor confused soul, who's probably looking for Farmville.

#11 Annie, who just wants the world to be organic so she can crap rainbows and sneeze glitter.

#12 Bill, who isn't getting it.

#13 Patricia, who is doing it so wrong that it's actually right.

#14 Frances, who's just concerned for young Bella's safety.

#15 Chris, who tried their best.

#16 Joseph, who apparently hasn't customized his privacy settings.

#17 And Cindy, who time traveled from the 1800s and doesn't want to see your private parts.